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I moved up to Oregon from Reno, Nevada after my grandmother passed back in 2003. Now I have seen ghosts all my life and I have been able to talk to some of them but when I moved into a house out on old hwy 30 I was never expecting what the years gave me.
My family and I moved into the house when I was about 15 and right off the bat I knew there was someone else living there. Around August of 2005 is when I had my first encounter. I was laying in bed and it was about 3:15 in the morning when my room (that was hotter then hell) god as cold as the winter snow.
I had just guessed that it was just some air coming up from my busted heater. Getting back to what I was doing about 5 minutes later something started banging on my door and wall out in the hall. The banging got so bad that pictures that I had hanging on the wall started to fall off.

I opened my door a little to see if it was one of my parents trying to tell me to go to bed and no one was there. Talking to my sister who's room was right next to me and she was awake talking to one of her friend on the phone said that she didn't hear a thing and in fact she thought she was the only one awake that night.
The banging went off and on for a months. I finally bought a video camera (sorry I don't know where the footage when I moved out) and set it up to record for the whole night while I was sleeping.
The next day I sat down and plunged the video camera into the TV so I could review the footage. (long process) when I went over the footage I saw that my cat (that slept at my mid section) stood up like the Halloween cat and started hissing into the darkens room.

She hissed at what ever she saw for about 10 minutes before laying back down. That was about the only thing that happened that night. Then proceeded to record the night for about a month. The same thing happened with my cat a few times but that was about it.
Because there was nothing else going on I stopped recording the night as I slept. Around the middle of November things started acting up again. I would sit in the living room and see a little girl in a bath rob and slippers standing in the hall way looking sick as a dog.
Started to creep me out but not as bad as it did when I would see her in my room in the middle of the night. I decided to look up the history of the location of my house and found out that the house that is there now was not there in the early to mid 70's.

It had been torn down after a little girl died in her sleep from some illness. (cant remember what it was). Well time went by and I moved out and about a year after I moved out my parents moved out too and my wife and I moved back in with our little girl.
My wife never believed in ghosts or spirits but she started seeing and hearing things that I use to. About a month after we moved in my wife had rolled over in bed and opened her eyes to see a long faced man leaning into her face telling her to get out of ''his'' house.
She screamed and I jumped out of bed and turned on the light. Needless to say we had the light on all night. Time went by and it was close to Christmas and my wife and daughter went to bed while I stayed up and wrapped gifts.

I heard this blood curdling scream come from my bedroom and I book it to the room and fling open the door. As the door flings open I see a black mass dissipate from on top of my wife's chest. She told me that the room itself had gotten darker then it was and very heavy.
When she tried to roll over something pinned the blankets to the bed holding my wife down and that's when she screamed. We moved shortly after the new year. - Ghost picture submitted by Michael

Comment by Observer:
Looks like a mobile home to me (?).

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