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Thanks to your observation Jennifer. I focused on the top attic window this time and what a surprise! For months in 2005 I believe it was nearly every time I walked in the field that was next to this mansion. I would look in the attic window, and it would be dark, but within a very short time I would look back to that window, and there would be a small white light. I have many pictures of this. This was while the mansion was empty and had been for sale for quite awhile. Take a look at the attic window enhanced - kind of creepy. To me, it looks like a deranged skull/clown. Not sure if there is a creature/horse of sorts underneath it. What do you think? Am I trying too hard to see something? This photo will need to be enlarged a bit for better viewing. - Ghost picture submitted by Adi

Comment by Mara:
It looks like a very young child. You can see the two little black dots are eyes and has a little nose and a mouth.


Having trouble with the other picture of the little girl, but I will keep trying. Also found what I thought was an infant but the longer I look at it, it appears to be maybe a toddler in one of the long windows next to what looks like used to be a door near corner of the house. I hope you see the child. To me it looks like it could either be a boy or girl. Maybe with blonde hair wearing like a Christening dress? Standing to the left side of the window. You will have to enlarge to get a better look. - Ghost picture submitted by Adi

Comment by Jennifer:
For sure both females and both wearing dresses and looks as if they have dark hair color. The left window image may be matrix; don't believe I see an evil entity. Thanks for sharing this photo it's awesome!!!! Really...

Comment by Jennifer:
I don't see an infant on either side but you definitely have 2 entities. 1st one is a girl in the middle window looking straight out at the camera and 2nd in the right window a child looking to the left as if she's trying to see who's at the middle window.
Awesome picture. You had no idea that they were there? Clear images of the 2. But sorry don't see an infant. Wow.... Also looks as if there is someone but looks evil in the top corner of the left window but not too sure.
Wow great pic.

Comment by Adi:
I am so glad people can see things in the windows. I didn't say too much because sometime I don't know if I'm just trying too hard to see things. Yes it's not an infant, a child I guess, but you do see it/her in the long window peering to the door/window - thanks!.


This is the other picture of the little girl I captured. You can see her head, her right arm extended and looks to be resting against something. She is looking in the same direction as she was in the first photo that I sent, except that I think she's easier to see in this one. I have put squares around anomalies. Enlarging photo might help. - Ghost picture submitted by Adi


I lived on Wood Avenue for 8 years in a duplex, and within those years I lived in both apartments. I think it was a portal of some type as I had seen different spirits. All were good spirits. About 4 times within a 3 year period, only in the apartment without the carport, I would hear a LOUD BANG in the early morning hours. I would run upstairs thinking something happened to my daughter, but she would always be sleeping soundly and never heard it. I used to walk my dog down Elm Street to a field (now a bldg there and AA Asphalt) next to a mansion. I had some kind of connection with whatever, or whoever was there.

For months, I could walk into the field, and the windows would be black/dark, but within a minute or two there would be a small 'light' in the top window/attic. I had video of it at one time. I took massive amounts of pictures in 2005 in and around that mansion and have caught many things. However, the other day I noticed a little girl spirit in the ground. I have two different pictures of her. I will send them both. You may have to have a photo editor to see her better. My photo editor at home is better, and I see another spirit in one of the lower windows but cannot get it very clear. - Ghost picture submitted by Adi

Comment by Yffit:
My mother had dreams of that mansion before she had ever been to Sumner. Then once we moved there she freaked out about it tried to go but it was years and years before they renovated it. Sumner is a creepy place.

Comment by Jr Creasey:
I used to live at the Elm Valley apartments just down the road from that mansion and in the early 80s they found a body of a little girl in a burnt up car in the field on the right side of the property, and just down the road was a little store and a teenage boy went in the bathroom there and shot and killed himself.
I also lived at Rainier Valley apartments and I used to be visited by demonic spirits there.

Comment by Kira :
I have lived in Sumner practically my whole life, and I've been inside this mansion many times. It is truly beautiful now that it has been remodeled into a tea house, but there is a presence there that cannot be shaken. Sometimes it feels pleasant and whimsical, and sometimes it makes you really anxious. This house is very old and has a story attached. Further down Elm Street is another large old house that was built by the brother of the man who built this one, and you get the same vibe.

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