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Hello my name is Kiana. One night at my cousins house off Fruit Valley Road down by the rail road tracks we had a friend over. It was about 10 pm at night when we all we're playing on the computer.
My cousin Jose decided to take a photo of our friend with her cell phone and didn't think anything of it. Later that night we looked at the photograph and saw something odd in the background. We uploaded it onto the computer and saw a woman's black figure appear in the background.
To remind you this was at 10 pm and no lights on outside and through the window it appears to look like it's day. We zoomed into this photograph and can clearly see it's a woman with long wavy hair seeming to be holding an object in her arms.

This house was over 100 years old and once was a rail station. She was a positive spirit and didn't want to harm us. It was just wild to see her captured by a cell phone picture while just trying to take a picture of our friend at night. - Ghost picture submitted by Kiana

Comment by Cliff:
Looks like you caught a full bodied apparition. Probably a residual haunting.

Comment by Jason:
Hello. If you see this, I'd like to chat with you more about this picture. Jhassler80 @yahoo. com.

Comment by Observer:
It's a stinking demon!!!.

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August, 2005 ghost sighting in Kiggins Theatre. My study partner captured a picture of me as I walked into the apparitions of several spirits. - Ghost picture submitted by Sharon

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This picture was taken by my lady, her sixth sense is enhanced and can tell when spirits are around. This moment she felt it and took a pic, there it was. Sometimes she can predict a future event. - Ghost picture submitted by Leo

Comment by J:
Ghost of Christmas past?.

Comment by Daniel:
Hi how are you? With all do respect to you and your lady. I looked at your picture and it is not a spirit that is in the picture. What it is a reflection from the fire in the fireplace. The light source that the fire was giving made the reflection on the picture.
If you look at the picture you will see that the reflection starts from the fire and stretches out. :).

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