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I lived in Clear Wood also in early 2003. Four years of noises, sounds, growls, weird feelings. The first night I lived there off Rampart. I was taking a bath, footsteps pacing up and down the hall in front of my bathroom. Voices, I got out of the bath ran out thinking someone had broke in but no one or nothing was there. I lived alone just me and my dog.
Seen shadows, cold eerie feelings, strange odors and mist. So I had a web cam, every time I felt I was being watched I snap a picture, often getting some freaky images. Family and friends didn't stay long or wouldn't spend the night. I was always woken up between 1 am and 5 am, it was getting to where I didn't sleep. Got attacked in my sleep, scratched down my back to where it would bleed. Smothered on 2 or more occasions, but the scariest incident was the night I moved out. It took a few days for me to get all my things out and I kept calling the owner asking why is every light on in my house, the power was still in my name. He had no clue as to why it went on like this for days until I was gone. That evening I had a couple boxes left to grab, my 12 year old step daughter was there to help me move. I turned off the breaker and said adios you so and so, a growl, a screaming growl was so intense the hair on my body stood strait up. My step daughter screaming begging me to leave, as she's out the front door of the house it was right on me. It was pitch black, couldn't see a thing in front of me. I left the few things I had left, ran out the door. I know it was be hind me I could hear it breathing, the door slammed. I felt my way to my van, jumped in and never went back. I have several pictures of the place on disk and now I live in the pines and feel it's found or followed me here. I have pictures here as well and will post to my true story. I still get woken up every night here in the Pines. Believe me, it's a scary thing knowing there are things out there we can't always see but knowing it's there and knowing they can hurt you! My animal always growled and barked at nothing often wanting to stay outside. I get faces in the windows, here where I live now for the past 7 years, orbs, shadows, mist and much more. You think you have ghosts, try living in Clear Wood ! Then you can say you have a ghost or your house is haunted.
Here are two picture of where I live now. Yes Yelm is very haunted. I know!. - Ghost picture submitted by James

Comment by Sam:
I currently live in Clearwood. And I have always felt weird when I am alone in my house. Now hearing this I am a little worried.

Comment by Kw:
I currently live on Rampart. Possibly the house in question. Could you pm email me the address? I have weird stuff happening all the time, so I googled haunted places in Yelm, and this is one of the very first links to come up and that I clicked on. Coincidence? Thrivelife. Kristina

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Strange mist and orbs in hallway. - Ghost picture submitted by James


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