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We have thousands of submitted ghost sightings published on our site.

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Are the ghost sightings posted on this website true?
We don't know. Some are probably true while some are made up. There's no way we can verify. We only post stories that we feel are true. If we find out a story is untrue we remove it right away.

How can I submit a story?
Find the page of the city it happened in or near, then fill out the form near the bottom of the page.

What stories get posted on the site?
Any story that we believe to be true gets posted. We may remove exact addresses and names to protect innocents.

What stories get posted on the front page?
To get your story on the front page your story needs to be about 150 words or more. We may go as low as 100 words if the story is good and there are older stories from the same location. The longer stories get higher up on the front page so the longer your story the higher up it will go.

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